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Backpackers Paradise


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Hidden in the depths of a tropical cloud or monsoon forest lies a small paradise for travelers. Next to a waterfall and inviting turquoise water pools, backpackers find a small, rudimentary shelter: a hostel called “Backpackers Paradise”.

A big old tree with a swing, car tires to tube through the water pools and a cliff to climb await the adventurous backpackers - many opportunities, hence, to prove one's courage or get hurt while trying to take the perfect selfie. And who will remain courageous once the big spider in the bushes or the huge cockroach in the common room are discovered?

Those who need to recover from their adventures can find tropical flowers and beautiful butterflies around the backpacker, do some yoga, watch an American TV series on the old run-down sofa, eat traditional backpacker delicacies like burgers and nachos, or just party boisterously - there are no neighbors here who would complain about too much revelry.

The set is inspired by some of the most fascinating destinations of backpackers from all over the world – like Semuc Champey in Guatemala or Vang Vieng in Laos. Places, that are known for their breathtakingly beautiful nature, but also have a dodgy site to them due to the international guests who mainly come here with the sole aim to have some fun.

The set contains five minifigures:

Nadia is on her own for the first time. She loves music, dancing and just lying in the grass and looking at the starry sky while pondering the meaning of life and everything.

Matt is always on the lookout for the next best selfie opportunity and often puts himself in danger due to his clumsiness.

Lisa dropped out of her literary studies program after only two terms. She wants to learn everything about foreign cultures and hopes to find out what to do with her life on her trip around the world. Will watching an American series while eating lots of sandwiches provide her with answers?

Jack usually plays in a not very successful indie rock band. On the road, he looks for inspiration for his songs and finally enjoys being the star, if only around the evening campfire.

Maja has just completed her two-year military service. She enjoys her new freedom, taking pictures with her brand-new single-lens reflex camera, and is not afraid of anything.

What would your favorite activity be in "Backpackers Paradise?".

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