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Educational toy - The wheelchair -

This design of a wheelchair was not originally intended to be an additional project on Lego Cuusoo but a gift to help another project to become reality. Unfortunately, this has not been done and so, I publish this creation on behalf of handicap-international which will own all rights. I really think this could be a positive vehicle for educating the youth about the fact that we should not be afraid of people with disabilities , and the difference may, on the contrary, bring us a lot ! A good video about : -who-is-perfect-
It seems to me that the Lego look of this wheelchair should be fun, colorful and with a very modern design, so that it fulfills its role of vector. It is certainly the best educational tool to educate the child at home, in schools, hospitals for children ... The price of this set will be not very expensive and the construction of the model is very simple, with a building guide also written in braille: 128 Lego bricks for four wheelchairs and four different minifigures.
This project is yours also, to all those who think we can improve human relations, the gaze of the other, do not hesitate to bring your ideas about this project, there are two free slots for them!

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