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Terrafugia Transition Street-legal Aircraft Flying Car


The Transition is the transportation of the future today.  A street-legal airplane that converts between flying and driving modes in under a minute, the Transition brings a new level of freedom, flexibility, and fun to personal aviation. It gives the pilot the option to land and drive in bad weather, provides integrated ground transportation on both ends of the flight, and fits in a standard single car garage at home.

The engineers that built this inspirational machine played with Lego when they were small and some of them still do. 

This a 4 channel remote control scale model of the actual flying car built by Terrafugia in Boston, USA. It drives and steers just like any other remote controlled Lego car but when the wings are unfolded the rudders are automatically connected to the steering and the propeller starts to spin. I have made a short film to demonstrate my models functions.





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