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Jacques Cousteau's Research Ship Calypso


The Clock is counting down

Hey everyone! 

The deadline for this is approaching in about a month. I'm doing an update to try for a few more supporters. Once a project has been on for awhile it gets lost in the soup. Even if you aren't a fan of this design, be sure to check out my other projects! I've got all kinds. Thanks for the support!





150! Thanks for the Support

Well its a small personal landmark for me to reach 150 supporters on a project. I know that's still an awfully long way away from 10,000 but its the best any of my submissions have done. Thank you for your support and here are a couple of close ups of the little helicopter and seabed themed stand for the model.


New submission preview.

If you supported the Calypso, I'm sure you'll be into my next submission!

"Hooper! Hurry up now, tie it off. I've got him now!"

The Orca will be on my page in a few days. Check back to support!


Another great "scientific" set coming soon

Here's a little sneak peek. This is a set proposal I will be submitting soon, so check back in a week or so for a laugh.