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Chilling On Ice!

What is it?
This is a little scene displaying a tribe of penguins chilling on ice. One of them is fishing for the newborn of the family, one is sleeping, and one is keeping a bellicose walrus.

The origins...
Watching the French edition of LEGO Masters, I noticed the candidates made great uses of the 1x1 round tiles with eye designs. I wasn't used to them, since I don't buy a lot of creator sets, but I found them so funny I had to buy some! Once I got the eyes, I thought of little creatures to build with them.

The penguin is one of my favorite animals, and having a bunch of orange flippers, I thought of building them immediately. With the parts I had in my stock, I could only build 4 of them. I then thought of a display to put them into. The baby penguin and the walrus were added at that moment, because I thought the scene lacked some animation.

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