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The Forest Beast


What is it?

The Forest Beast is a truly massive creature, great for forest and mystical scenes that are already in your collection, or simply an amazing beast on its own!

Fear not, this beast seems to have a rider! Only few adventurers are known to tame these massive reptiles; perhaps you can too?

What do they call it? No one knows! Come up with your own catchy name for it and share it with other adventurers!

What does it come with?

The set comes with a minifigure, two grassy patches of underbrush, and the monstrous creature himself! The creature has two chains and can be posed to be in almost any stance! Make it look curious and nimble, or make it look ferocious and menacing!

Why should I buy this?

Everyone loves massive animals! This beast is a perfect addition for anyone who has a knack for creatures of all types; and for anyone who wants a minifigure to have a chance against a Bionicle.


Thanks for taking a look at my project! Please help support and follow me for more monsters and other cool things!

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