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Police Patrol VTOL Valkyria

Updated 01/02/2013

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Updated 17/01/2013

The drones are made and now the cockpit opens.

Also two speeders running from the police

This is a police vtol that I put together in 5 or 6 hours with LDD.

It was inspired by the movies "Total Recall" 2012 vtol and the "Minority Report" vtol too and I came up with this

It has adjustable wings for vertical landing, 4 turrets,12 seeking missiles, 1 minigun and 6 deployable drones at the bottom of the cockpit.

It is powered by 4 KX-3 engines, 4 KX-1 vertical boosters and 2 KX-2 thrusters

The cockpit has room for two guys, 1 for the missiles and drones and the other for piloting and shooting.

Hope you guys like it

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View of the set

View of the bottom

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