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Brighten up your life with these vibrant creatively brick-built highlighters. Resembling the authentic look and feel of life-sized highlighters in a bright set of 4 complementary colours in:
1. Vibrant Yellow
2. Vibrant Coral
3. Dark Turquoise
4. Lime

With some vibrant newer neon colours in the LEGO colour palette recently, the very colours inspired me with an unmistakable resemblance to brightly coloured highlighters.

Highlighters are a tool that can be used to expressively highlight media or help spark potential creative ideas. With the bright colours especially the 2 most vibrant colours Vibrant Yellow and Vibrant Coral becoming more common in circulation it presents the perfect opportunity to proudly present the colours in the form of authentic highlighters before their time is out.

This unique creation presents:
1. 4 highlighters each in different bright colours that can be reconfigured in many possibilities.
2. An angled stand to showcase the bold vibrant highlighters in their full glory.
3. A vertical desktop organiser option to compactly display the highlighters sideways.
4. A Vivid “HIGHLIGHTERS” complementary sign as if written by realistic strokes of the highlighters.

This tested sturdy creation is made from 652 pieces in total with each highlighter only being 85 pieces.

This creation could be a unique talking point accompanying any workspace and would also make a standout eye-catching display piece.
I would finally like to thank you very much for looking at my very first LEGO Ideas submission and I would also thankfully appreciate any support towards making this idea become a reality.

Please share this with friends and family if you like it. Thank you very much and have a bright day :)

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