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Mini Golf Modular Course

This is the Mini Golf Modular Course, which is fully customizable.

In the different modular course pieces (Start, End, Obstacles and Turns), you can create the courses of your needs and dreams. With 10 different obstacle modules and 2 different turn modules, there are endless possibilities to put them together the way you want to. The ticket stand/gear rental is open for business with lots of features. There's even a changeable course number stand, a scorecard (1x2 tile) to keep track of the scores, a bench for other players to relax while waiting for their turns, and a podium for the final picture of a true winner. The Medieval theme of the course, takes you back to much simpler times, almost as simple as mini golf itself. Take your family or friends outside for a relaxing time, with hours of mini golf fun!

I built this due to my love for mini golf and LEGO, which combined beautifully. I have always wanted to have my own real mini golf course, so this was the perfect fit.

This would make a great LEGO set, because it is fully customizable (like LEGO bricks) and can be a beautiful display piece as well. Mini golf is for people of all ages, and only your creative mind sets the limits for the endless amounts of fun.

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