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Mobil Commandment Center ( MCC )


Here is my Mobil Commandment Center ( MCC ). He is made of two parts : the commandment center and the piloting center.


The commandment center is above the piloting center.


The commandment center has a seat for the commanding officier and six shooting and organization positions. A hug armored bay window get an perfect view of where the MCC is going.


The piloting center has five seats to pilot, shoot, ... . The moto-jet can be put here, with other characters.


The moto-jet is for one character. There is two little guns.


The roof, the commandment center, and walls are removable.


At the back of the MCC, there is two doors ( which can be opened ) and a foldable disembarking ramp to go down.


On the roof, there is one big gun ( it can change his inclination ) and three guns for medium range ( two of which can be turned ).

On each wall, there is one quadrigun and one grenade launcher ( it can change his inclination ).

In back, there is two little guns.

In the front of, there is four rockets and four little twinguns.


Thanks for reading !

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