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Hunting Lodge in Wintertime


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Snow has fallen and the creek's begun to freeze. It's all so quiet, since winter arrived. The hunter is well prepared for that. He has a lot of wood behind the cottage to make it warm and comfortable and under the roof, he has a kipper, sausage and poultry for dinner. Some bottles of apple juice and wine aren't missing as well. So winter can be a nice time. Only in the outhouse it's definitely too cold.

Inspired by the last walk through the forest I built this model. I hope it captures the mood a little bit. I tried to bring in as many details as possible in and outside the lodge. The hunter lives in the middle ages so he hunts with bow and arrow, which are right beside the door. He cooks over the fireplace and has a smoker in the pantry under the roof to fumigate the fish he catches in the creek.

The model includes a kitchen, a lounge, a bed, a wardrobe and an outhouse. Also there are lots of animals (four birds in different colors, a black cat, a dog, a fish and a fawn). It comes along with two figures, the hunter (with three dresses, a fishing rod and a bow) and his wife. So you can decorate the model the way you like.

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