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Katamari Damacy: The Prince and the King

Some Background:

Hey everyone! I'm super excited to introduce you all to my newest project, Katamari Damacy: The Prince and the King.  Katamari Damacy is a third-person action-puzzle game developed by Namco.  The first game released on the PlayStation 2 in 2004, and its received a half-dozen or so sequels over the years.  The series typically follows the adventures of the Prince of the Cosmos as he rolls up everything in sight with his katamari.  Assisting him is his eccentric and gigantic father, the King of All Cosmos.

The Model:

My model is around 200 pieces and includes the Prince, the King, a katamari, and plenty of stuff to roll up!  Most of these pieces went into the King, being as massive as he is.  The model only includes one figure, but he is just about life size.  This characters' appearances and the items featured in the set were based off the the original Katamari game from the PS2.

Thanks so much for checking out my submission!  I had a lot of fun designing this model, and I hope you'll consider supporting!

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