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Immortalis Varatix Warship and Linage Battle-Pod

Decide the fate of Ohkae with the Varatix and Linage Battle Pack! On the desert world of Ohkae, the battle between Good and Evil continues to rage. The Un:Der World Varatix Cruiser is carrying General Ku:masace and Colonel Vadon Tor to Blackhaven Troop Camp, but what they didn't expect was the Ov:er Worlders tailing them so they never get there in one piece! Who will win? Decide with the Varatix and Linage Battle Pack!

Here we have a close-up of the Linage Battle-Pod (Lin, for short), Which I designed so that it could split into four pieces, two seperate pods, or two cockpits and two engine parts. The one on the left is carrying the Gatekeeper, and the left pod is carrying Wilson Flar, a new Magikin rookling.

Here's a close-up of the Linage's engines, designed for individual pod usage.

Here are the frontal pods of the Varatix, each one with a Vantid robot drone pilot. Vantids are the Un:Der World's Newest breed of soldiers, with double intel capcity and strength than any previous drone. These pods also separate from the main ship, but the function is mainly for escape purposes.

As you can see, the sides and back of the ship are hinged so they can open. Inside are General Ku:masace (back) and Colonel Vadon (front). Please vote, I worked all morning on this.

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