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Stagecoach Outpost

This project contains a Stagecoach Outpost and a Stagecoach. The outpost provides some relief for the weary travelers. Here the travelers can get a bite to eat from the small garden and outdoor kitchen. Inside the outpost they can get cleaned up and enjoy a good night's sleep in the bunk house.

Outpost: Inside is a small corral, restroom, bunkhouse, small bedroom for the caretakers
               Outside there is a fruit tree, small garden, outdoor oven, (currently there is a pizza and chicken legs cooking), and a picnic table.

Stagecoach: The stage coach is 8 studs wide enabling minifigs to be seated side by side. there is room for cargo both on the roof and on the back of the stagecoach.

Minifigs: This project has 2 caretakers that look after the outpost and the travelers, a driver for the stagecoach, three passengers, and 2 bandits. 

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