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Fully Detailed LEGO McDonalds

This set is a must-have set if this becomes an official LEGO set. Because this set is full of details inside and outside, for example, there's a bike stand (on the right side), the kitchen is realistic and I even added a restroom! I also added a drive-thru with a drive-thru window and this McDonalds is modern! I really like how the vintage LEGO McDonalds set looked like, and I wanted to add a modern twist to my build! This LEGO McDonalds is perfect for someone's LEGO city, who wouldn't want a detailed set or a McDonalds for their Minifigures in their awesome LEGO city? 

YouTube Video:
This MOC has many details that I can't even explain if you want to see more details that I didn't show in the picture above, check out this YouTube video here: 

You can read about this LEGO McDonalds on topics like, Why I built this MOC? on my website here: 

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