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The Forest of Nostalgia

In the forest, there are many things that can be imagined. Through my construction I wanted to bring out a certain nostalgia, especially with a robot that is similar to those that could be found during arcade games of the eighties. My base is a platform to party. There are horizontally two large speakers for ambiance. In the background, we distinguish between the trees, a walkway to make the place develop. There are also large flames around the huge character who has an orange skin but also a leather jacket.

On the ground, there is a small stream. In the sky, we can see a new species of insect. On his back is also another animal. These two have come to participate in the forest festival. I find that this set is very colorful and also harmonious. During the construction, I found it pleasant to see little by little the rendering with many details: The orange figure is the hardest element to build. But also the figure on the flying animal is the most fun to assemble. I think this build could become a wonderful LEGO set.

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