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Light Repair Truck


The Light Repair Truck is always on duty in the Lego city if the light of a lamp post brakes. It is especially important on night time, when the lamp posts need to light the streets. ( if you want to see a short video animation, you can access this link:

The front of the vehicle includes: two lights, a registration number, side view mirrors and a big transparent dark windscreen. On both sides we can see that there are: opening doors ( and small, blue stairs that the worker climbs, in order to get into the car ) and holders for different kind of tools ( there is a wrench and a screwdriver ). At the back of the truck there is, of course, the mechanical arm that helps the worker to reach the lamp posts. The arm also has a place, at the end of the arm, in which the worker can fit. At the back, two red lights and the same registration number as it is at the front, can also be found.

The inside of the truck is equipped with a steering wheel and a control panel, existing only one seat that can accommodate the driver.

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