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Spider-Mobile vs. Kraven's Safari Jeep


Spider-Mobile vs. Kraven's Safari Jeep

The chase is on! Spider-Man's long-time nemesis, Kraven the Hunter, is after the Black Cat. Will Spidey and his high-powered Spider-Mobile be able to save Black Cat from the hunt and stop Kraven?


  • Spider-Man
  • Black Cat
  • Kraven the Hunter
  • Spider-Man (Black Suit)

Set Includes:

  • Spider-Mobile with pivoting flick-fire web missiles
  • Kraven the Hunter's Safari Jeep with hunting tools, including crossbow, knives, whip, and a spear
  • Lamp post and escaped zoo animals- a monkey, parrot and snake 

I made the design of the Spider-Mobile is as true to the comics as possible. The web designs would be on stickers applied to the frame. As you might notice, the web missiles use the carrot/torch piece in white. I included the black-suited Spider-Man as well as the classic red and blue suit, since the black suit is closely associated with both Black Cat and Kraven the Hunter. It is a sort of "bonus" to the set.

Kraven's jeep resembles a sabertooth tiger in the front and has a cage in the back that opens and closes. A theme of bones runs throughout the vehicle as well, and the cage is able to contain the animals or Black Cat (sitting). 

This set has many appealing inclusions. Fans will love the never-before-seen Kraven and Black Cat minifigures, and a black suited Spider-Man in a set for the first time. Both vehicles are sleek and appealing, and the Spider-Mobile from the comics would be a great addition to the Spider-Trike, Spider-Copter, and Spider-Cycle already made by LEGO. So whether you are a Spider-Man fan or just a fan of a great set, click that support button and leave your feedback in the comments. Don't forget to share and follow this project as well!


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