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Motorized Liftgate Truck

Enjoy daily life of an essential worker as you deliver LEGO goods using this motorized liftgate truck. Features:

  • lift gate elevated and tilted by 2 motors controlled using levers on the sides of the truck
  • manual steering with a working steering wheel
  • cabin with opening doors
  • pallet jack with functional steering and lifting function
  • three cargo paletts: one with a fridge, one with a washing machine and one empty

The truck can be operated using a combination of manual and motorized functions. The gear on the roof control steering and moves the steering wheel, too, while two levers on the sides of the truck allow you to lift and tilt the liftgate using two motors. The truck uses a single non-Bluetooth-enabled Technic hub which you can easily access to replace the batteries by removing a section of the cargo box's roof. The truck sports opening doors, too, and comes paired with a pallet jack which features steering and a lifting function. Simply lower the jack, drive it under any of the three included pallets and lift it up to load it onto, or out of, the truck.

Of course the truck could be bigger and fully motorized or even remotely controlled, but I thought that it would stand a higher chance of getting accepted if it was reasonably balanced in terms of price VS features. I believe it's time we got a Technic-themed LEGO Ideas set already, and your voice can make it happen. Thanks for your interest!

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