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Modular Museum of Natural History


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I was thinking about what to create next after my first LEGO IDEAS project, Modular Atique Store, when I visited natural history museum to get inspiration.
Suddenly, I came up with great inspiration. I went to back my home and started working on it. After that, I get my notebook, get my backpack, and headed to museum several more time to get detail I needed for the model.
So let me introduce the result of my hard work: Modular Museum of Natural History!
total bricks:2860
creation time: three weeks
three-story building
color fabuland brown and medium brown that gives classical feeling
eight minifigures
floor 1:mountain climbing equipment store with counter, stand/natural history museum with counter, rock display
floor 2:cafe with counter, chair, table/natural history museum with ancient sea diorama, stratum, stuffed bird
floor 3:museum exhibition planning office with table, chair. pile of notes/natural history museum with plant fossil, earth model, volcano model, dinosaur bone
This creation has been designed to look great as a display but also has great playability.
The picture above shows my another modular MOC.
I'd really grateful if you give support on my other LEGO ideas project.
Please feel free to share on social media and with anyone else you think might be interested.
Thanks for you all supporting and sharing.

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