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Dark Knight Tumbler

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this model is modeled after batman's tumbler in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. this model is to mini-figure scale, and has every aspect of the real tumbler built into it. you can't see from the photos but inside there is driving and weapon fire controls that look just like the ones in the movie on the real tumbler. it also has the ultra fast drive stick in the middle of the control console.

Dimensions: about 11 cm wide, and 21 cm long
Cargo: seats two in front and has a removable panel in back that can hold accessories/weapons
Armament: equipped with custom missile launchers in front for extra explosions!
the wheels allow this vehicle to move freely and they do not scrape against the sides
light stickers have been added for more authenticity

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Front-top view

cockpit opened in front

back of vehicle, equipped with a rocket accelerator booster!

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