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F/V Northwestern (Deadliest Catch)

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This is my mini fig scale model of the F/V Northwestern from Deadliest Catch. Ever since the show came on iv'e been a big fan and I always wanted to build a scale model of my favorite ship. This model contains 1,719 bricks and costs a lot of money so that's why its still an LDD. The model took me about 2 weeks to get it to this point but I still need to work on the interior of the ship. It would include 6 mini figures as the crew, all the doors open, crane swings 360 degrees, lights move up and down, and detachable crab pots. If this model could become mainstream my dream would be complete! so if you guys would please SUPPORT!

From this angle you can see the size comparison between the mini fig and the ship.

The crane rotates a full 360 degrees to move the crab pot.

This a picture of the wheel house, the interior of it isn't done yet but it will be shortly.

The doors up to the wheel house both open and close.

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