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Ribbit The Poseable Frog


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I’m ColonelAttentiveCandy, the creator of Ribbit, the poseable frog.

This frog has been created with the idea that a toy can be both poseable and still look like a lot of fun.

There’s not only children that will love to play with Ribbit, adults will also enjoy to pose and display it as a fun touch to any LEGO collection. This frog is a wonderful toy, both imaginative and fun. And the use of classic bricks and colors gives Ribbit a classic LEGO look.

Ribbit is a soft looking little creature with lot of personality. The expression of Ribbit is all on its face and pose. The big smile gives it a malicious grin, the big eyes look fun and smart, its pose is proud and majestic and all the colors are fun and attractive. The cartoonish look is also part of is cuteness!

With multiples points of articulations on each leg Ribbit has a wide range of poses. Its well trained and can reproduce a real frog’s movement from standing proudly, to climbing, to jumping up to the sky!

With a free stud positioned on is back Ribbit can put on is saddle where the minifigure sits. this adventurous explorer is ready to take a ride on his favorite mount!

What’s included in this set: Ribbit, its saddle, the fly and the explorer minifig with his messenger bag and a pair of binoculars. The set include 93 pieces.

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