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Space Speederz: Red vs Tan


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About Space Speederz:

This is my second project on Lego Ideas. I decided to go from a contrastingly different theme from my first project, which was the Tiny City, so I chose a sci-fi theme. This one is minfigure-sized, which gives me a little more freedom with the torsos and pants that I can use, rather than just using the microfigures from the Lego games series. 

This series is all about people who race hovercars in space, and the races determine who becomes the champion of space. The hovercars are each unique in their own way because they are each designed by individual people in the series. This race, Red vs. Tan, is between Deserty Dustin (Tan) and Red-Hot Randall (Red).

There will be more of these Space Speederz in the future.

This is an original idea, so please don't steal it.

This set has 260 pieces.

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