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Hill Hideout

Lego Hideout-The Details
The Idea
In Lego stores, they have the Star Wars section, the Ninjago section, the Chima section, the Lego Friends section, and maybe the Architect section. But in all of these sections, they don’t have a Lego hideout toy that's camouflaged, and disguised as something totally different from a hideout.
The idea is to build a gigantic, hollow hill. The hollow part is the hideout. One side of the hill will be gone, so you can play with your mini-figures inside the hideout. The other side of the hill is a waterfall, guaranteeing to other people this is just a hill with some water falling off the edge. By one side of the hill could be a horse farm-but the war horses have no amour[that could cause a lot of unwanted attention]. On the top of the hill could be a small park, but I recommend a small market place.

Mini-figures Needed
6 {3 mini-figures on the top of the hill, 3 in the hideout}

The hill’s sides are 5 2x4 bricks long while the back of the hill is 5 2x1 bricks and a 1x1 brick wide. The hill is 12 bricks tall{not including the green plates that cover the top}.

500 pieces-700 pieces

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