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Oliphant | Lord of the Rings

This is my LEGO Oliphant. I think it's a pretty cool design. If you also think it's a pretty cool design and would like to see it on store shelves, feel free to make an account and support the project. If you are so inclined, please share this with anyone else who is a fan of LEGO or The Lord of the Rings.
Thank You,

The Oliphant (or Mumakil) is a large elephant-like creature featured in the Lord of the Rings series. They are 40ft tall beasts with 6 tusks and equipped with war towers on their backs. Wishing to capture their intimidating size, I have created a minifigure scale Oliphant with a war tower on its back. On the tower are 7 Haradrim warriors and 1 Mahûd (Chief). Meeting the mighty beast in battle are the Rohirrim (x2).
The Oliphant features legs with functioning joints allowing for a variety of poses. Additionally, the neck is jointed to allow for its head to sway from side to side.

I love LEGO and the Lord of the Rings. The Oliphant is an iconic creature from The Lord of the Rings and I wanted to see it built with LEGO.
I believe this would make an excellent LEGO set because The Lord of the Rings is a popular franchise and fans of the series would like to see LEGO Lord of the Rings content again. I believe this set would be a great display piece and it would be an entertaining play set, as I think many LEGO Castle fans would jump on the opportunity to lay siege on their castle with a troop of Haradrim warriors atop an Oliphant.

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