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Easter Bunny


Easter bunny

This set I create for my children this year. It´s a very small and simple easter gift and I think my bunny would be a nice gift also for other children or LEGO crazy people like me. Maybe a idea for a LEGO polybag?

It´s is very easy and fast to build. Maybe this small bunny is soon hidden in your garden or in your house.

My bunny has only 19 pcs and the complete set has 29 pcs. A lot of fun with only a few LEGO parts!

If you like my project please share it with your friends and of course you can also support. Maybe you have also a look at my project the Bumper Cars or my other projects.


Thank you to everyone for the support and your comments! A special thank go to my children who always inspire me very much!     :) Anke




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