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Architect / Designer: Charles & Ray EAMES


After Walter Gropius, let’s jump to our next iconic architect(s) / designer(s): Charles & Ray EAMES.

Charles Eames (1907-1978) & Ray Kaiser Eames (1912-1988) 

Charles and Ray Eames are a legendary couple of American designers, of international renown. We owe them many emblematic pieces of design from the 50s and 60s.
Charles Ormond Eames began studying architecture in 1925 at Washington University in St Louis, but ended it two years later. In 1930, he opened his own architectural firm, with Charles Gray, and collaborated with Eliel Saarinen. It was with his son, Eero Saarinen, that he won 1st prize in the MOMA Design Competition in New York. 

In 1938, he studied at the famous Cranbrook Academy of the Arts, before becoming a professor of industrial design. There he will meet a young painting student, named Ray Kaiser, who will become his wife a few years later, and his partner in the creation of design furniture in the 50s and 60s. 

The Eames couple has contributed significantly to the democratization of designer furniture for the general public, notably through the invention of new industrial manufacturing techniques allowing mass production. The most famous creation of Charles & Ray Eames is undoubtedly the Lounge armchair (Lounge chair), sold more than 6 million copies, but they also created the RAR rocking armchair (RAR armchair), the DAW armchair ( DAW armchair), LCW chair,... 


Case Study House No. 8 

Originally known as Case Study House No. 8, the Eames House was such a spatially pleasant modern residence that it became the home of the architects themselves. Charles and Ray Eames began designing the house in 1945 for the Case Study House Program in Los Angeles’ Arts and Architecture Magazine published and built these case study homes that had to focus on the use of new materials and technologies developed during World War II. The intention was for the house to be made of prefabricated materials that would not interrupt the site, be easy to build, and exhibit a modern style. 

ESU 421-C 

In 1949, Charles and Ray Eames designed an innovative system of independent multifunctional shelves and desks. Like the Eames house built at the same time, this system comprising the Eames Storage Unit (ESU) and the Eames Desk Unit (EDU) meets the principles of industrial mass production. 

As per Walter Gropius previous entry, the set’s three elements will be displayed on a modular platform, which can stand separately or be snapped together as desired. It also will be possible to combine these sets with others of the same line, to obtain a gallery of buildings, objects and pieces of furniture or Minifigs®. 

We believe this innovative concept will appeal to a widespread clientele, always in love with sets that tell a beautiful story, to Minifig® collectors as well as to all the LEGO® fans with a passion for Architecture and Design. 

This project is a collaborative work by ACE CROISSY, NEW BRICK CITY and DR_GROGGY. This work is included with their explicit permission.

We thank you in advance for your interest and support. 

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