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One Piece - Zorro VS. Mihawk


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Zorro VS. Mihawk

At the Baratie, after Don Krieg and his mans are defeated, Zorro meets Mihawk Dulrace, the Worlds Best Swordsman, and challenges him to earn that title. Now you can join him  at this big fight in Lego.


Zorro with his three swords (the Wadoijimonji and two normal) and his headscarf,

Mihawk Dulrace with his Dagger and the Yoru

Mihawks Boat with the green lights

The Ship`s part they fight on


I know, the real Yoru is more smaller than the sword I have in this Set, but its the Sword I found that was nearest to it. Also, the Wooden Part they fight on is a square, but in real its not. I will fix this later.


So, If you like my Project, please support it. I plan to make some more One Piece Sets, so it would be nice if you give me some Ideas.

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