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Grease´s Car

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I´m proposing an idea about one of the greatest retro movies, it is the grease´s car (red) which comes with the main characters Danny from birds-t and the new student Sandy . It is for the guys who like the retro things and the new guys who want to know more about it

The car is red with some transparent pieces as in the movie,has two sits for the main cahracters , is little but with agod structure, it could has  flashes at the sides.  At the other hand we got two minifigures of the characters Danny  and  Sandy. Danny is dressed with a fantastic black Jacket,and as in the movie you can find him all the time wit his hair style and his hairbrush.At the same time Sandy dresses a black rebel jacket, with curly hair, and very very hapy to be constructed . The people of all the ages can cosntruct it, it is design for retro collectionists. If the project wins we can improve it and make it bigger with a shor description of it.

Don´t think for support it and support now to remember all the memories of every man ages .


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