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Spin the Black Circle - LEGO Record Player


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Cracks!  Pops!  That slight hiss!  The occasional jump!  And of course, repeating the same notes every 2 seconds!  If there was anything more enjoyable than blowing into your 8-bit NES, it would have to be putting on a pair of giant headphones and listening to a record!  Whether you were listening to The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Queen, U2, R.E.M., The Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew, Nirvana, or Pearl Jam, this is how music was meant to be heard, at 33-1/3 RPMs.

Sure, its great having access to your entire music library on your phone, and it sure is convenient as well, but it certainly isn't an album.  At least a CD gives you something to hold onto, but still pales in comparison with a measly 5" of cover art.  Furthermore, that perfect sound without any blemishes simply isn't the same, and you don't get that magical feeling when you take a piece of vinyl out of its sleeve, place it down gently on a turntable, and drop the needle.

So introducing the Lego set that turns it up to 11 (assuming you own a pre-amp)!  This functioning turntable does everything but play music!  A crank on the side not only spins the turntable, but also allows the needle to track.  When you get to the end of side A, simply raise the cueing lever, reset the arm, and enjoy side B.

With a classic wood finish, this turntable will bring you right back to your childhood or college days.  And there is nothing like listening to Lego in high fidelity!

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