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The Palais Garnier - Paris Opera

🎭 Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Palais Garnier, home of the Paris Opera!

🎼 It is one of the most famous theater in the world after the Globe (London, England) and the Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia). It bears the name of its architect who was commissioned by Napoleon III. It is one of the most beautiful monuments of Paris. You can see here the transposition of the main facade, called South Facade, in LEGO. When you are at Place de l'Opéra in Paris, it is exceptional to admire it because it testifies to the style of its author - Garnier - mixing different architectural styles in a single work.

💎 To capture this beauty and take it home with you, here is this LEGO facade, in mini-scale. To give back all its essence to the monument, the set is surmounted by a trompe-l'oeil representing the famous copper dome and the cage that overlooks the stage.

🧱 The realization of the details on a reduced scale revealed a number of construction challenges that will hopefully be as many moments of pleasure during an eventual assembly. 1300 small pieces of happiness!

🩰 This set is intended for all lovers of architecture and LEGO building constructions, but also for all lovers of Paris, music and the performing arts: singing, dancing, comedy, tragedy, etc...

🌞 I hope you will enjoy this proposal.

🎩 Ladies and Gentlemen, let the show begin!

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