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Lunar Base Construction Robot


Lego City is ready to expand into space! Moon colonisation is the goal and this heavy lifting Lunar Base Construction Robot is just the tool needed to get the job done!

I am big on creating anime-inspired mechs out of Lego and that has inspired my design. Working with the classic anime 7 to 9 heads high principle, the challenge is to build a model which stands up with ease.  It needs to be perfectly poised and balanced, with bent knees and a slight hunch to create an impressive stature. All of this takes a certain amount of Lego engineering if you will.

Legs, head, arms and fingers articulate to allow for multiple play opportunities. I usually build mechs which are less Lego friendly (basically, including weapons), but my six-year-old son requested a more child friendly model which he said quote ‘wouldn’t break as easily’!

So here we are, hope you enjoy!

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