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The Museum and the Apartments


This lego represents a museum and a gothic apartment one above the other. In the museum there is a knight, a gold statue with wings and spear, a samurai armor, a red diamond, a window with an old  book, a scorpion and a gold glass, a tapestry on a wall. There is also an iron blade and there are descriptive panels for each statue. There is a box, a chandelier, a revolving door and a secret hiding place above the revolving door. As a man in the museum there is a cashier, an old father and his son visiting the museum. In the apartment there is a ghost train toy, a room containing a desk with computers a pen to write, ink, two phones, a bedside table with a lamp, a TV, a bed and clothes for the character in the bathtub. There is a bathroom with a bath, toilet, a newspaper and a character washing with a duck and a brush. On the terrace there is a woman with her cat. There is also a kitchen with a sink, pots, a sink, a table, a chair, a plate with cutlery and a chicken, a food storage cabinet and a wheelchair for the gentleman in the bath as it is disabled. There is a roof with a terrace, a clock, a telescope, a parasol, a deck chair, a solar panel, a barbecue with sausages and flowers. In the street there is a fountain with a pink flamingo feed by an elderly woman, a toboggan where her little girl plays. There is a tree, a bench, a waste bin, a lamppost, a bicycle garage, a cyclist and two flower pots at the entrance of the museum. I build this lego because I really like museums and apartments.

I think this lego will make an excellent lego set because Lego rarely comes out of museums and apartments.

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