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A Christmas Story


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"He looks like a pink nightmare!"

One thing you can always count on is that the holiday classic "A Christmas Story" will be on all day long on Christmas day. For me and many others, it has become a tradition to watch it at least once. And so I had to create it in LEGO.

The model is intended to be a great display item for AFOLs while also having many details and playability for kids. It consists of a complete minifigure scale Parker residence with the 1938 Oldsmobile sedan and 6 minifigures, plus 3 of the Bumpus hounds. The house utilizes many cheese slope pieces to give a realistic appearance of wooden siding with the addition of an accurate looking roof that even has fascia and soffit. The porch has plenty of room for the characters to stand around on and is highlighted with realistic looking columns and staircase.

From outside the famous lamp can be seen through the window, the Christmas tree can also be put in its place to represent later parts of the movie as well.

Almost a year in the making, so hope you like it!

The Minifigures
  • Ralphie (normal clothing)
  • Randy
  • Mother Parker
  • The Old Man Parker
  • Ralphie (Bunny suit)
  • Black Bart

  • Ralphie and Randy's bedroom
  • Parents bedroom
  • Bathroom to re-enact the soap scene
  • Kitchen with turkey
  • Furnace room
  • Living room with Famous leg lamp and room for Christmas tree
  • Staircase where Ralphie stands with bunny suit on
  • Phone where Mrs. Parker calls Mrs. Schwartz
  • Target for Ralphie to shoot at
  • The Old Man's car with lug nuts for Ralphie to drop (all four family members can fit inside)
  • The crate that the lamp is delivered in
  • Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle
  • Light strand to decorate the Christmas tree with
  • Bowling ball
  • And more!

  • 3000 pieces
  • Can come apart into 3 sections for easy access to each floor

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