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A Truly Wild Western Town


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Howdy y'all! 

"Welcome to Tumbleweed, a remote western town planted in the center of the big gold rush. We have two very important buildings that stand in the center of our town: the Sheriff's Office and the Claim Office. The latter has been a new target of the local bandits who simply got tired of robbing the banks (all the Sheriffs finally caught on that the bandits loved banks and kept ruining their fun). But now the Sheriff faces a bigger challenge: where's all the gold being hidden? It all goes so quick he can't put his finger on it, but perhaps it's related to all those strange thuds he's been hearing on his roof (just a possibility)...?"  Hint: Look Behind the Sheriff's Office False Front.

Full of wild detail and characters, this model would be great for imagining humorous western tales. I believe this would make a great set that invokes playful imagination and creativity. Plus, it's fun to build and would make a great display piece for any LEGO collector. What tall tales will you imagine?

Yep, this is a very wild and unusual build for me... but I had a blast creating the project. This model has been slowly built over the past year and is now finally finished. LEGO's Classic Western theme has been (secretly) one of my favorite line of sets and I wanted to make a little MOC that paid tribute to this enjoyable theme. I made it as fun and wild as I could. I hope you enjoy it!  

Y'all have any ideas for future improvement? Then please mention it in the comments. Let's make this as fun and wild as we can!

Technical stuff (specially created for those still reading): Contains approximately 1,000 to 2,000 bricks. I propose 9 minifigures: 4 bandits (one dressed as a cactus), 1 Sheriff, 1 Indian, 2 Solders, and 1 Business Man. I also propose 4 horses, cactus, and of course tumbleweed.

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