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Howard J. Lamade Stadium: Home of the Little League World Series


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Welcome to Howard J. Lamade Stadium, Williamsport, PA: Home of the Little League World Series!

Here, boys and girls of every nation, race, and culture gather together, united by their common love: Baseball. Whether you come to cheer on your regional team or just take in one game, it is magical to see these talented youngsters play.

This model, built on approx. 1 stud: 5 feet scale, consists of 2,993 pieces. I built it with the intention of being able to move it, so the base is made up of tons of technic bricks.
The seats are a combination of plates and printed bricks to cut down on piece count.
You will also notice that the stands draw in towards the field as you move closer to the outfield wall, accurately capturing the look of the ballpark.

The outfield wall is printed with the badges of each world-wide region, as well as the distance (275 ft/83.82 m) from home plate and the iconic statue of Howard J. Lamade in center field.
Additional details include the press box behind and above home plate, home and away dugouts, rolled-up tarp, entrances, team shop, concessions stand, and so much else, both outside and in.

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