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Classic Toy Vendor


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This is a model of a classic toy vendor that includes 241 pieces and actually works!  All you have to do is insert one of the six coins included in the set in the coin slot, twist the wheel to lower the hook, and move it back and forth to hook the toy you want.  There are six toys: a police car, a teddy bear, a hat, a frog, a toy pistol, and a pair of binoculars.  When you hook your prize, drop it into the chute, where it will slide down to a box next to the coin slot.  After you have your toy and want to empty the machine of its coins, just open the side door to access the vault.  This model also includes hinges on the back glass panel so you can open it and replace the taken toys with new ones!

    Thank you to all who support my first and definitely not last submission!!!

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