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Asterix and Cleopatra


Asterix & Obelix adventures are one of the funniest and best comics and cartoons for kids.

This set represents Asterix and Obelix adventures in Egypt.

This set doesn't have new molded pieces,but it has new printings.

This set has 887  pieces including minifigures and their accessories:

Most special minifigure is Obelix,his body is brick-built body with no new elements.

Minifigures and animals are:



-Druid Getafix






-3 Egyptian workers 


This set has 1 pyramid with removable top and doors,and inside chest and skull.

This set also has Cleopatra's throne room.

There are also some small elements like big blocks to build another pyramid with some elements that are helpful to pull up blocks.

And it also has small market feature where they are making Egyptian's sculptures 

Please support this project,check out my Asterix and Romans project also,and I will make more Asterix projects in near future

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