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modular house kit

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Hi evrybody,

First of all comments are welcoming and supporting too ! When i ll reach 50 i ll buy bricks in order to build it in real...

My project is a kit house. Each room can be buy in a single box and, when you have every room you want, you can build your dreaming house.

Following some pics to explain how it works :

here is an example of a simple room like the bathroom. it can be a kitchen, bedroom, cinema, balconney, sauna....whatever you want you can do it.

You can realize, as well, bigger room like a living room...

an example of a roof

After what you can assemble each room each other with a technic connector peg system. You can see below a rear sight of the first photo house ( at the beginning of the article, the main photo)

If you like the idea add me with a support please.
If you want other pics make a comment. i ll answer with pleasure.

Look at my other project (not a LDD) :

Thanks for viewing and supporting

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