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Cloud Station

This is my elevated tram portion design. It features 4 lengths of LEGO train track that are elevated. The building to the right is where people may purchase tickets or other items, and the left building is where the passengers line up to load on and off of the monorail train. This set would work well with the Public Transportation Station set previously made by LEGO. You may want to put that set's "tram" upon these tracks as it fits perfectly and looks great!

Cloud Station is an elevated tram station that I had designed for the year of 1986. It is of course modernized as it features 6 flat screen monitors for passengers to view the tram schedule(s). This set would be the area where the monorail/tram is able to stop to unload and load up on passengers. It "docks" in a semi-enclosed tunnel.

As you can see, the visible building is not enclosed so that passengers can move on to and off of the tram. This model is very accessible.

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