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Little Red Monster

Here I have constructed a vintage show truck. I call him a little red monster. It is a fire truck from the 1930s. The chassis is very modern and very big. It has full fenders. The engine is partly closed and partly open. Inside there is a V8 engine. The compressor with the cylinders protrudes from behind it. There is a winch at the front. The exhaust pipes point upwards in a classic way. As a fire engine, the blue lights should of course not be missing. The doors can be opened. It's a two-seater. Four fittings were installed in the cockpit. At the back of the truck bed, there's a crane. It is used to tow other cars or to lift small loads. I've also added a matching firefighter here. I think you can use this fire truck in many ways. This set has 218 parts. I would be happy if Lego would support it.


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