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Amsterdam Canal


This is my view of the canals in Amsterdam. These are known worldwide and there is always something going on.

This particular piece of canal is featuring a Canalboat like there are a lot of them in Amsterdam. It has plenty of space for tourists and fits nicely in this one way water. The sidewalk is placed upon the historic basements that go all the way up to the canal. This is pretty common over here. I have put some Platane tree’s next to the water, and also some bicycles, which are not always complete. The fencing on the sidewalk is to make sure the tourists do not fall in the canal so easily. The bridge is typically Amsterdam design. It is high and features some details like the date of the build, some ornaments, and some gold plated fish.

This scenery is easily adaptable for instance to a row of modulars or a elevated road. The brickcount is 1440 pieces and is built on 2 32x32 baseplates.

I really hope you like this creation, and if you do, you are always welcome to cast a support and have a look at my other Ideas submissions.

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