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Mazinger Z - Hover Pilder


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Pilders are vehicles that serve as command centers for giant robots or Mecha. This is my version of Mazinger Z's famed Hover Pilder. Due to the constraints of the bricks I used the (i.e. the windshield), the craft is of a slightly larger scale. Made a few modifications as well from the original design to make it a less complicated build. But tried to remain faithful to the original profile. 


1) Wings can be flipped up 90 degrees for the pilder to attach to the mecha head.

2) Hover rotors can be changed to face down, as in the original. Just made it face up in the pictures so the vehicle would be stable.

This is my third build, and hopefully more to come, if you like this model please do share and support this build through your friends and your social network.

Your opinions, suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Thank You and

Happy Building :)

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