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Old Farm


 I have built this lego using the Lego digital Designer (LDD). This set features an old farm and it will fit perfectly in your lego city. The base plate is 32x48. This model features removable building sections for easy access to the detailed interior. Inside the ground floor of the house we find a living room with a comfortable armchair, a shelving, a grandfather clock and a mouse trap with a cheese on it. The upper level features a small bedroom with a bed, a teddy bear and you can go out to the terrace to sunbathe.

  • This set includes 6 minifigures: The grandpa, the grandma, the dad, the mum, two children and a buildable scarecrow.
  • Outside the hous ther is a swing, some toys and a basketball basket. Next to the house there is a small orchad with some tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin and others vegetables.
  • Inside the barn there are some boxes, a toolbox, a ladder and an incubator.
  • The set includes one pig, one horse, three chickens, one dog, a mouse and one cat.
  • Accesory elements include newspaper, milkbottles, a bike, a basket, an icecream, a sausage and other elements.
  • The set includes over 2200 pieces.

I hope you like this idea and support it.

Thank you very much.

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