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M-tron HazMat Transport Vs Blacktron Locust

This is a dogfight set between to Classic Space factions, M-tron and Blacktron.

The M-tron ship in this set is made for transporting potentially hazardous materials for study at one of their bases. Whenever a mining operation turns up a previously undiscovered mineral compound they sample it and take it to a special research lab for further analysis. There are two sample crates on the top of this ship (attached with magnets) that can be jettisoned if they pose a threat to the ship and pilot during transport. It has powerful engines and shields and four wing mounted energy cannons in case of attack.

The Blacktron Locust is built for one thing: destruction. It is the most maneuverable fighter that Blacktron produce and it is deadly. It has four wing mounting energy cannons and four mounted on the engines. It's not and fast or well shielded as the M-tron ship but its size and agility make it very hard to engage. The Locust normally attacks in a Swarm of twenty one, each Swarm made up of seven Flights of three.

I built this because these are probably my two favourite classic space themes. I'm crazy for space ships!

It would be a great set because you get two ships from different classic themes.

Thank you for reading! Please support!

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