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Lego Chess


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There are many chess sets out there but none that help you learn and love the game like this one!

This Project is aimed at children or anyone new to chess. The shapes of the chess pieces are designed to allow players to easily understand how each piece moves. Enabling them to learn the game quicker and focus on the game not on how the players move.

The pieces are also intentionally very easy to assemble (see instruction images) helping the user learn the moves as they build the pieces and anyone with enough Lego blocks already can create a chess set. The pieces can even be made of mixed colours. Ideally you would have one side in all one colour versus a side with mixed colours, as in the example rendering.

If you think that this project is worth supporting and would like to see it in stores, please share it. If we can get it onto store shelves more people will be able to learn the great game of chess.

Number of Pieces: 198 (99 x black & 99 x white)