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History of videogames: atari 2600

I'm only 13 years old but I am a huge fan of pop culture from the eighties and nineties and the only videogame console that I ever had is an old atari 2600. So, in this set, I decided to pay honor to this iconic console with wich I had a lot of fun. The model is in human-size and I've tried to recreate all the details like the front part in fake wood, the "grills" on the above, the 6 movable levers arranged obliquely and the section in wich to insert the cartridges. Also the set is equipped with a Joystick that can be connected to the console trought a wire and 3 cartridges of the most famous games and that I like the most: Pac-Man, Space Invaders and most of all Joust. The only details that I have not been able to insert are all the stickers like the Atari logo on the left of the front, the various writing that are located above the levers and the covers of the cartridges, wich could be replaced by printed pieces. 
I'm very satisfied of this and i think this could be a great Lego set because it would illustrate to young people how were the first and more popular videogame console and it would remind the grown-ups all the afternoons spent playing videogames like Space Invaders, Pac Man etc... together with friends.
I realy hope it would become a real Lego set, have a good day to everyone.

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