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Puzzle Box

It looks like a ordinary small box but you can open it by doing 4 steps to review  the gold brick.The puzzle looks easy to solve but it is very hard.It is build out of 125 pieces and the cube is exactly 6 by 6 by 6 studs.

I build it because I like puzzles and I build them to challenge my friends to solve them.
This is a very nice small gift for everyone. It's a great display piece and fun to solve.

WARNING If you read this you will now know how to solve it.
  1. Spin the box three times and then you can open the underside and it will review money.
  2. Take the money off the cube.
  3. Use the money piece to push two button on the box.
  4. Now you only have to turn the box upside down and shake it until the gold brick will review it self.

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