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LEGO Great White Shark

     The great white shark (scientifically Charcarodon charcarias) is perhaps the best known species of shark. Pretty much everyone knows that it is a 10-20 foot ocean predator. (Read why we are scared of sharks here: Although if you read the link, then you may know that we are a bigger danger to them than they are to us. Again, if you read the link, it states that you are more likely to have a cow collapse on top of you, or get crushed under a falling vending machine. For the great white shark, the seemingly invulnerable predator, is listed on the IUCN list as 'vulnerable'.

       In this set I have made a model of 1 posable Charcarodon charcarias that is 2x scale to a minifigure. As I mentioned before, it is very posable; 5 body joints, tail, fins, and jaw. It is connected to the display base by 2x4 (making up a 4x4 column) clear pieces. I think this would make a great set to bring awareness to a highly misunderstood species, Although I just built it for fun.

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